I saw this one coming

Another fun shoot for my buddies at Escape Homes in Wisconsin.  They are always coming up with innovative designs in the Pre-Fab/Tiny Home/Travel Trailer/Home field.  I recently wrapped a session for the Vista line which is their smallest product to date.  Up until this unit we've always shot outdoors as a choice and a reality as the units are too large to get a good studio shot and also we wanted to show them in their environments. This unit was small enough to get indoor views with studio lighting but we were still aiming for an environmental view for the hero.

As the shoot date came closer it looked like we'd be in for some snow. I was trying to image how this would work for us and more importantly how it would look.  We got to their production facility before the storm hit and had a chance to find a nearby location and I started to pre-visualize how the image would look when the snow started.  As it turned out we were very lucky.  The team at Escape was able to drop the unit exactly were we needed it and get power to it.  We also totally lucked out as the best view was from a parking lot and I could shoot the unit from the relative luxury of the open doors of a cargo van with the engine running and the heater on high.

The talent stayed warm as we had powered up the heater in the unit and as it turned out the trickiest part of the shoot was finding the right shutter speed to both freeze and blur the snow as it fell at dusk. The result was a pretty much "as shot" image that ended up looking a lot like I was hoping for.